Don't Let A Leaking Or A Blown Cylinder Leave Your Business Stranded. We Offer Cylinder Removal, Rebuilding And Installation. We Also Offer Machining, Rod Chroming Or Barrel Repairs. 

Hydraulic Hoses

Weather It's Food Waste, Construction Debris, Warehouse Trash And More. We Offer Garbage Compactors  In Many Different Sizes. Adding A Compactor To Your Daily Operation Will Eliminate The Expensive Cost Of Trash Removal.

We Offer An  Expert On-Site Hydraulic Hose Service That Can Eliminate Your Downtime. We Offer Service 24/7/365. We Offer Service In All Weather Climates. It's Our Goal To Arrive, Identify, Remove, Fabricate And Install A New Hose As Safely As Possible. 


Our Services

  • On-Site Hydraulic Hoses
  • Cylinder Rebuilding
  • Oil Reel & Hose Installation
  • Air Reel & Hose Installation
  • Pressure Washer Hose & Reels
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Hose Shop


Every Business Creates Recyclable Product.  We Offer A Full Line Balers From Vertical To Horizontal. Weather It's Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Metal Or Everything In Between We Have You Covered In Everyway. Recycling Is The Green Way Of The Future.

 For Service  Or Repairs Please Call 630-886-8589

 Hy-Force Hydraulic Repair Services 


Hy-Force Hydraulic Repair Services Are Experts In Performing On-Site Hydraulic Hose Replacement And Rebuilding Cylinders In Our Shop. We Keep Our Focus On Your Equipment Running Correctly And Safely With Limited Down Time. By Keeping Our Focus On Your Business We Offer A Free Prevenitive Maintenance Program. We Will Come In On Our Time And Inspect Hoses, Cylinders And Valves. After Our PM We Will Notify Your Manager Of These Issues So They Don't Turn Into Bigger Breakdowns. We Stand By Our Work And We Will Not Stop Until Your Equipment Is Running And Your Completely Satisfied. We Look Forward To Servicing Your Equipment And Minimizing Your Equipment Down Time.

"Our Mission Statement"